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Baths, in this hot season, freshen up. The only thing we want is for the freshness to last, and for this purpose, it is compulsory to get your hands on some of the nice towel draperies. The softness and fluffiness of these towels, especially if promised lightweight, is a sigh of relief after taking a bath. One might wonder that such qualities are possible only in luxury towels, but in a towel bale sale, you can easily get your hands on such towels. The only situation is that you should know what a good bath towel is. 

Here are some key features. Check these characteristics in a towel if you ever come across any towel sales. 

Water Absorbency Power

The primary function of the towels is to dry us. The drying experience should only be restricted to absorbing water and letting the coolness still be there. Rough and worn off towels can leave scratches on your body if you use them. Thus, when looking for the best towel, performance should be the first test. Most experiments have shown that 100% cotton based towels are the best towels. Second to these are the ones that use polyester and cotton combinations. Cotton towels, on the other hand, are not all made equal. The nicest, softest, and most absorbent towels are made from high-quality Turkish and Egyptian cotton. Cotton bath towels are great for everyday usage.

They are also luxurious additions to your guest room’s bathroom.

 Microfiber towels are popular among travellers and sports lovers. They’re not only quick to dry and absorbent, but some are also antibacterial and take up less space than traditional towels.

The Label on the Towels 

We have mentioned the qualities of different towels previously. There are possibilities that some people might be allergic to bamboo or microfiber. For such people, it is important to read the towel label. A good towel label will have enough information to suffice your apprehensions. The content of the product is the first thing you notice about labels. Towels can be made from different materials, including cotton, bamboo, and microfibre. If there is any material that you prefer, most shall be purchased on priority. Keep in mind that cotton is the most popular material due to its unique qualities, such as naturalness and quick water absorption. Many people recommend that you should not be looking for high-quality cotton-like Turkish or Puma cotton. However, we cannot deny the premium appeal that the cotton types lend to the bath towels.

The Softness of the Bath Towels

You can also try bamboo towels. They are naturally soft. Bamboo is commonly used to make baby towels, for example. Moreover, people are switching and resonating with the organic material within their homes. Some people prefer the material since it is also more environmentally friendly. Bamboo towels can also be antimicrobial, so they’re the greatest alternative if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows or sufficient ventilation.

Weight of the Towels

Towels get heavier when they absorb water. If you go o a shopping spree and purchase towels that are already heavy, imagine how they would feel like when you wrap them around yourself, drenching them in the water! All the tiredness will return as a result of carrying a heavy towel. Go for towels that are lightweight. One can read the label for it. A towel ranging from 500-700 GSM would have a comfy feel to it. GSM stands for gramme square metre and is a unit commonly used to weigh the towels. The heavier the towel, the denser it will be and the more absorbent and soft it will be. The lightest weight of a good quality towel is 300-400 GSM. A towel with medium weight would be the one labelled as 400-600 GSM, and the heaviest weight for a towel is 600-900 GSM.

The Weaving Technique Used in the Towel

Towels are not about weight and softness. The weaving technique in which the fabric has been utilized is what makes the overall performance of the towels better. Hydrocotton and aero cotton use different production methods. The ring-spun and twist techniques give a different appeal to the towels. In the end, it is upon your preference on which weaving technique suits your needs and comfort better. In the twist technique, a high twist would mean more durability, but its absorbency and plushness would be compromised.


People often get trapped by the shiny look of the towels. Beware, it might only be a cast that would soon wear off after the first wash. The best thing to do is to feel the towel and, at the same time, visually inspect it. Look for master craftsmanship by observing the folds of the towel and neat stitching at the edges of the towel. 

For a softer and denser towel, a 100% cotton based towel is a perfect match. It promises durability and gives you next-level comfort. 


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