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During the process of constructing a new commercial SMD building on one of the main highways in Liège, the architects came up with the ingenious idea of immediately incorporating a giant SMD Screen into the window designs of the building.
Because of this, the team working on the HTV commercial was give the opportunity to compete against other local businesses by submitting a proposal of their own. However, HTV was successful in securing the contract as a result of the creative and knowledgeable efforts of its team. The finished product is a window-mounted 18m2 P4.8mm screen that has exceptional rendering and image quality.

The constraints of the project

The request was to meet the timelines for both the manufacturing and the delivery of the led screen so that it could be install one month before the shops were formally opened for business. When it comes to the technology, the screen needs to have a good resolution and be completely silent so that it does not bother the guests. The size of the LED screen was approximately 6100 millimeters by 3200 millimeters, and it was mount at a high level.

One possible solution is HTV

The first thing that needed to done was select the appropriate material. The technical team decided on a 4.8mm pitch with a high degree of brightness for the 500x500mm boxes (4500 nits). The screen was able to cover less than 10 centimeters on each side and 20 centimeters at the bottom with a black finishing frame, which enabled it to make the most efficient use of the space that was available SMD led.
The use of polymer in the construction of the boxes helps to reduce their total weight to a minimum (hard plastic). As a result of the replacement of the fans with radiators for the purpose of heat dissipation, the operating noise of the screen has been reduce to an absolute minimum.

After the equipment had been decide upon

The HTV technical team traveled to the construction site in order to consult with the contractors regarding the installation. Because of this, we were able to provide all of the components necessary to place the screen in the most effective manner. Both the electrical arrivals and the RJ45 connection (to the internet), which is necessary for remote management, draw to the place of the screen.
In order to overcome the difficulty of installing HTV at a height, the company developed a hanging method that uses a suspension bar. Because of this, the installation of the enormous SMD Screen may done in a clean and straightforward manner. In order to preserve the floor of the building, not only were specialize nacelles required, but also protective measures.
The LED screen kept 30 centimeters away from the glass in order to prevent it from overheating due to the reflection of the sun that occurs between the glass and the screen. Due to the fact that this is in a public area, the back of the screen was conceal with a print tarpaulin that was specifically produced for the purpose of blending the screen in with its surroundings while preserving the aesthetic value of the installation.
Our graphics department had already generated relevant material to put on the screen in order to comply with the requirements of the client. The player has already been configure, and it has both still images and moving films placed into it. All that is require of you is to plug it in, and the LED screen will immediately begin to illuminate and display the relevant promotional content.
The quality of the smd screen is exceptional. And the 18 m2 surface area has an effect on the audience that is being targeted. Another happy customer of HTV expressed satisfaction. With the work that his crew had done installing the system.

LED lighting was install in the trailer (-750kg)

When a specialist in low prices chooses HTV led as a partner in the creation of its digital signs. There is a very good chance that this choice was arrive. At after conducting an exhaustive amount of market research. having a total of 90 retail sites in the countries of France, Belgium, and Spain. ELECTRO DEPOT offers customers a wide selection of home. Appliances as well as entertainment gadgets. All of which are show on a trailer that has been outfitter with a trailer.

The constraints of the project

The demand made by the client was crystal clear: a trailer. That is less than 750 kilograms in weight must be allow. To be pull without the requirement of a specific license. The delivery also needed to be finish within forty-five days. Which was the other criterion. Because of this. Our specialists and engineers needed to devise a one-of-a-kind solution in order. To complete this task successfully.
A movable LED screen often comes equipped with both a hydraulic mast and a steel structure. On their own, the other components weigh around 615 kg… The LED screen only needs another 135 kg. The smallest trailer that can be pull without permission is 2.7 meters long. Which puts a cap on the size of the led screen. In spite of these somewhat specific limitations, HTV was able to devise. The best possible solution in order to construct a flawlessly designed trailer with. An SMD Screen that fulfilled the requirements of the project.

One possible solution is HTV

The first thing that needed to done was to adjust the screen size such that. It was 2560mm by 1920mm, and the pitch outside was set to 5.9mm. The best value can found in images with this particular size and resolution. In addition, the screen ratio is relatively close to 4:3. Which is a standard aspect ratio for graphic and multimedia projects. This makes it easier to keep dynamic content like promos and videos up to date and offer them to users.
Nevertheless, the dimension does not conform to the manufacturer requirement. As a direct consequence of this. HTV was force to develop non-standard cabinetry with. The dimensions 640 mm by 960 mm and an exterior thickness of 5.95 mm. As a solution to the problem of a weight limit of 135 kg, these boxes were fabricate out of lightweight aluminum. A direct consequence of this, the total weight of the screen for the trailer did not go over 750 kg.

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