Weirdest Restaurants in Portland

Portland has a reputation for being strange and weird, and that reputation has seeped into many aspects of everyday life in the city. One of the best examples of this is the Portland food scene. You’ll find a large number of unique restaurants throughout the city, giving you the chance to try a myriad of new foods. If you end up purchasing one of the Portland houses for sale, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience new cuisines. So what are the best unique restaurants to try, and what type of food can you expect from them? Here are the seven weirdest restaurants in Portland you just have to try them. 

The Observatory

Although the Observatory doesn’t serve any type of foreign cuisine, it does offer creative takes on classic dishes. These reimagined American classics have made the location a must-visit for locals. Additionally, the restaurant has a slew of delicious cocktails to try, making it a great spot for a happy hour or night out. 


Prost is an interesting restaurant that serves classic German cuisine. Here you’ll find several delicious dishes like German sausage and Bavarian pretzels. Of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy some authentic German beer as well. With its classic beer garden seating, Prost is one of the best unique restaurants to kick back and relax at. 

Top Burmese

Burmese is another cuisine that doesn’t see a lot of attention in the United States. What is now modern-day Myanmar (previously known as Burma) has a rich culinary history, something that is on display at Top Burmese. Top Burmese was the first restaurant to bring Burmese cuisine to the Pacific Northwest, introducing a completely new cuisine. Here you can enjoy traditional Burmese cuisine such as Mohinga, something you can’t do just about anywhere else.

Shalom Y’all

Located on Portland’s East Side, Shalom Y’all is a Mediterranean restaurant with a unique menu. Here you can try a variety of interesting foods such as safayech, tahini, and falafel. Shalom Y’all explores the flavors of the Levant, the Eastern part of the Mediterranean region. This is an often unexplored cuisine, giving you the chance to try something truly unique.

Pho Oregon 

Although its gaining popularity in the United States, Vietnamese cuisine isn’t exactly mainstream yet. However, restaurants like Pho Oregon show the potential that Vietnamese cuisine can have. In fact, Pho Oregon has been so popular in the Portland area that the restaurant has even expanded into the catering business. Even with such a wide selection of unique foods in Portland, Pho Oregon stands out from the crowd. 


Russian cuisine is not usually at the top of people’s wishlists, but it can be delicious. Kachka takes Russian food to the next level, serving some of the best Russian dishes in the entire country. The restaurant has received numerous nominations and awards, cementing its status as a top restaurant. If you’re looking for high-quality unique food in Portland, Kachka is one of the best places to go.

Viking Soul Food

Located in Belmont is Viking Soul Food, a unique take on classic Norwegian dishes. Norwegian food is pretty rare in the United States, so the type of cuisine served here is already unique. However, Viking Soul Food provides a fusion of Norwegian food and comfort cooking, putting an interesting spin on the food. Here you can enjoy classic Norwegian dishes like lefse, in a unique and comforting style.

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