In the year 2022, these will be the top 7 sites for downloading YouTube videos and music for free.

There are times when we can locate music on YouTube that we wish to have on our mobile or computer and listen to whenever we want, without the requirement for internet connectivity, Thanks to services that allow us to download songs from YouTube without having to follow video instructions, we can now download music for free without programmes from YouTube.

Download free mp3 music and videos from YouTube using these web pages and browser extensions.

  1. Y2mate

Y2mate is a website that allows you to free download music from YouTube in many audio formats and quality levels (mp3, mp4 or audio). Consequently, this page is one of the more comprehensive ones.

It’s simple to use this page to download YouTube music:

  • To begin downloading the audio from a video, go to the video’s URL and press the “Start” button.
  • To download the audio from a video, select the audio format and quality that you like.
  • Save the music to your computer or mobile device so you can listen to it whenever you want.
  • To use this site to download music from YouTube, simply add “pp” to the end of the video’s URL after the word “YouTube.”


In order to download YouTube music for free, without the risk of viruses, and fast, you may use There is only one thing you need to keep in mind: All tracks are mp3s. There is no option to change the format.

YouTube music may be downloaded by following the following steps:

  • Enter the video URL where you discovered the music you’re looking for.
  • Select “I’m not a robot” from the drop-down menu.
  • It’s time to download.
  1. YTMP3

For free and virus-free YouTube audio downloads, YTMP3 is one of the greatest options out there, period. You may use it to save a certain song’s video or audio to your computer. In addition, you may customise the download quality and format by selecting from a variety of choices.

Downloading is as straightforward as ever even if there are a lot more alternatives available:

  • Input the video’s URL to begin downloading it.
  • Select the format in which you would want to select (mp3, mp4, mov, wav… are just some of the ones you can choose from).
  • Choose the quality of the download by clicking on “additional options.”.
  • Start downloading the file by clicking the “Start” option.
  1. FLVto

For those who want to download music from YouTube without having to install any software, Flvto is a popular choice. The ability to download videos in HD format is a unique feature of this converter.

It’s simple to use, just like the rest of the site:

  • To get the music you’re looking for, copy and paste the video’s URL into this field.
  • Select the video format you wish to save it in.
  • “Convert to” may be found by clicking the button.

5 . SaveFrom

Save to MP3 is the greatest choice if you want to download YouTube music for free and without viruses. It’s one of the most popular services out there, and one of its most notable features is the ability to download music directly from YouTube via a browser extension.

Just as with the other converters, you may make use of this one as well.

  • Input the video’s URL to begin downloading it.
  • The magnifying glass button can be clicked.
  • Select the video format you wish to save it in.
  1. The ClipConverter

ClipConverter is a safe and virus-free way to get music from YouTube. YouTube and Vimeo aren’t the only places where you can instantly convert video and multimedia assets.

Use ClipConverter to save YouTube videos as MP3s.

  • Continue by copying and pasting the YouTube video URL.
  • Select the output format for your video.
  • It’s time to get started. It may take a few minutes for this to complete.
  • Get the file.

You may also use to store your files online.

Downloading music from YouTube with is a breeze because to its user-friendly interface, wide range of supported file types, and, most importantly, its superior sound quality. Although it is free to use, you must pay to access the information.

How can I use Savefrom to get free YouTube music downloads?

  • Take your video’s URL and paste it into this box.
  • The information will be downloaded in the format you select.
  • Right-click and select “save link as.”

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