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Discover our ecological solutions for efficient cleaning

Alternatives to synthetic solutions, ecological products now have the best part to guarantee the cleanliness of your home. Versatile, natural, and more respectful of the environment, they are now available in many forms in organic stores and in traditional household departments. Objective: to better meet your specific needs and requirements in terms of health protection.

White vinegar: the king of essential products

Also called alcohol or crystal vinegar, it helps eliminate limescale, mold, and bad odors in the bathroom, toilets, on taps, or on household appliances. There are several concentrations (from 6 to 14%) depending on the needs, the highest being the most effective. Used instead of machine softener, it descales and maintains while softening the linen, without leaving any trace or smell. It benefits from a recognized disinfectant power, provided that a long contact time is respected, but remains useless against viruses.

Baking soda, the cleanliness ally of your home

Tied with vinegar in first place among essential products, baking soda will overcome stains and bad odors on your fabrics, carpets, and other rugs. For optimal cleaning, sprinkle over the entire surface to be treated and leave to act for a few hours. A vacuum cleaner will remove everything. It will also be effective in deodorizing your refrigerator.

More alkaline than bicarbonate in powder form, soda crystals are used as a degreaser. Soda percarbonate is the result of the combination of soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide. Its powerful whitening agents work wonders for whitening blackened laundry, toilets, and grout.

Savon noir, the partner for the floors in your home

Another essential, the black soap has convinced by its effectiveness in terms of degreasing. It can be used to strip the interior of the oven, to detach a garment before washing, to clean your floors, or to maintain the leather. Count a dose of soap to mix with 5 liters of hot water, without forgetting the essential oil to perfume your interior.

Clay for the home: Sommières clay

Like baking soda, this ocher earth is the ideal ally for dry removing makeup, oil, or grease stains from fabrics, rugs, carpets, or even parquet floors. It acts by absorption: just sprinkle it on the area to be treated, leave it on and then suck it up.

Make Your Home Shine With Lemon Juice

An alternative to vinegar, lemon juice will get rid of limescale, soap, and grease deposits, without any risk to your surfaces and equipment. Containing citric acid, it also acts effectively against rust stains at the rate of 3 tablespoons of lemon juice diluted in a liter of water. It can be combined with vinegar for even more efficiency. Existing in a concentrated dose, lemon juice can then help clean aluminum, marble, or even enamel.

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The multi-surface cleaner for the home

Used in the form of a paste or a scouring stone, this slightly abrasive powder is able to degrease and clean the entire kitchen, windows, and mirrors. If you have silverware, earthenware, or marbled surfaces, Meudon white is the reference. As with bicarbonate or clay, it is necessary to allow it to rest for the action of the Blanc de Meudon to be fully effective.

Diatomaceous earth to protect your home from insects

If diatomaceous earth can be used in the same way as Meudon white, it is ideal for protecting your interior against harmful insects. This can be interesting if you own pets. You can sprinkle it in front of doors and windows and leave for 24 to 48 hours before vacuuming.

Essential oils to perfume your home

They are ideal for perfuming your home instead of sprays and air fresheners that are. Generally not recommended. You can also put a few drops to perfume your solutions based on white vinegar or black soap. Another great idea: by placing a few drops on the filter of your vacuum cleaner, you will be able to perfume your whole house with each pass.

Marseille soap as reinforcement in the house

If it is rather used in the context of personal hygiene or for laundry, Marseille soap can also be. Used to clean the interior of your home. This low-abrasive soap will be ideal for maintaining your floors or for washing the walls. No need to put a lot: a tablespoon in a bucket of water will suffice.

Products for the floors in your home

Floor maintenance is important if you want to keep them in good condition. For this, recommended cleaning your floors approximately every 6 months. Linseed oil, pure or mixed with turpentine, will be your perfect ally. To nourish the wood in-depth, you can then apply beeswax, leaving it to stand for a few hours for optimal action. These products are also suitable for the maintenance of your wooden furniture.

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