Are you looking for an open source PDF editor that has all the features and options? Do you feel annoyed when free PDF editing software does not work well and wastes your time?

Well, if you’re stuck in similar issues, then don’t worry as UPDF is here to solve all your issues related to PDF editing. UPDF banks upon its primary features and pledges to improve its functions even further. On the internet, you’ll find a number of free PDF editors, claiming that they’re the best.

However, you’ll be trapped in scams. Such PDF editors would ask you to use the app on a trial basis and later, they’ll charge you a hefty fee, leaving you frustrated. Plus, there are various other PDF editors that would offer you one option for free and you’ll have to unlock the rest of the features by paying a fee.

Free PDF editors would limit the tasks, you’ll see multiple ads, and watermarks could be there. Nonetheless, UPDF is really free.

But UPDF is unlike all the other PDF editors available on the internet. It provides you with all the features and doesn’t engage in false claims. It’s 100% free of cost and fully unlocked in terms of features.

4 Fantastic Features of UPDF that you can’t Neglect

All in all, UPDF is an excellent free PDF editor that offers you plenty of help whether you’re amidst your office work or your college assignment. UPDF will promise to stay with you through thick and thin!

In order to know more about UPDF, let’s have a closer look at the main features of this amazing PDF editor:

  1. You can edit the PDF images and texts without paying anything

When you hear the word “FREE”, you assume that the product’s quality would be low! However, there is no such case with UPDF. It’s a premium free PDF editor that allows you to edit PDF images and PDF texts at zero costs. You’ll face no problem while adding, cutting, or pasting text anywhere in the document.

Also, there are so many fonts available on UPDF that you can choose from. The colors of the text could be changed as well with no extra effort. These are the basic features that have been made a breeze on UPDF. Editing PDF with UPDF is way better than editing PDF online.

Talking about the editing of the images, it’s literally extremely easy, all thanks to the abundance of tools being provided within UPDF. You’re able to cut images from PDF, add images, crop image in PDF, right on UPDF.

  1. You can view and read the PDF documents

Are you looking for a free PDF editor to easily view and read PDF documents? Go nowhere else as UPDF is here. UPDF ensures an assortment of PDF reading and viewing features through which you’re offered an effortless experience. There’s an option to open dozens of PDF documents in different tabs so that you can easily switch to any document that you’d like to.

Plus, no matter whatever the size of the screen you might have, the extensive layout options would let you adjust the PDF document so that you can view them appropriately.

  1. You can annotate the PDF documents

Being involved in a workforce require you to be vigorous and fully active in delivering results. Therefore, your main task is to coordinate with the rest of the workers by highlighting your valuable feedback and thoughts. So, UPDF lets you annotate PDF documents, making you eligible to render your opinion.

The variety of annotating tools includes highlighting, underlining, and striking out the text.

Moreover, you’re able to add text boxes to mention your feedback while attaching sticky notes.

If there’s a requirement to add shapes, you can do it as well. There are a lot of shapes that you can find in UPDF. Starting from circle to oval to rectangle to simple arrows, you’ll get everything on UPDF.

  1. You can arrange the PDF documents

The first and foremost problem with an abundance of PDF documents is to arrange and organize them in a sophisticated manner. The arrangement should be done in such a way that you can swiftly locate any file that you’re looking for. UPDF does it all in style!

The plain and simple arrangement starts with rearranging, deleting, rotating, or extracting the PDF pages that you want to. In this way, you’ll be deleting the pages that are no longer needed, hence getting rid of the clutter. Moreover, turning the pages left and right is also no problem! You can also crop a PDF with UPDF.

Just by dragging and dropping the thumbnail, you can change the position of the pages as well.

Also, you’ll be able to place bookmarks on the PDF pages in order to jump to any page. It not only saves your time rather you become more efficient in your work.

If you’re looking for a specific text, you can simply find it by searching while viewing the PDF document.

The Advantages of UPDF

Here are a few highlighted advantages of UPDF:

  • UPDF is absolutely free of cost. It’s a highly competitive free PDF editor that would win 100 out of 100 times.
  • The UI of the PDF editor is also extremely smooth and enjoyable to the core. Editing PDF in UPDF is just like you are editing PDF in a Word
  • UPDF guarantees high-performance and excessive speed. No matter how many PDF pages you’re dealing with, the speed would never be slow.
  • If you have a deeper look into the software industry, you’ll fail to find such a premium free PDF editor that offers high-quality PDF editing tools. However, UPDF is known to render a top-class experience.
  • Every OS such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android supports UPDF. So, whatever platform you’ll pick, you’ll be able to use UPDF in a smooth way.

The Bottom Line

UPDF’s team is working really hard to develop more and more features for this PDF editor. The features like OCR, PDF conversion, creating and filling PDF forms, signing PDF tools, and much more are in pipeline that you’ll experience in the near future. As of now, the PDF editor is fully functional.

You should definitely check out the free PDF editor now, use it, and make sure to appreciate it!

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