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A repair ticket management software equips your workspace with focus and efficiency. The software allows you to track, manage, and speed up the repair jobs at hand. This helps you not lose touch with your repair business growth in the process. This positively impacts your costs and revenues figures. As a plus, you can use your POS system to ensure customer retention, and branding opportunities.

A good ticketing software is there to support your business operations. Primarily, these software solutions to your problems warrant more than just basic automation that’ll bring you from paper usage to a systematic ticket management system.

A good ticketing software goes above and beyond in addressing business operational hurdles. These software’s can and have become the backbones of several repair businesses. Now, let’s go over the best features a repair ticket management software can possibly offer that are fruitful for your business. These are as follows:

Automation of Ticketing & Invoicing

Forget printing forms and manual entries in spreadsheets. A repair shop software offers robust automation capabilities, which allow you to easily run several different tasks simultaneously. Be it over the phone, or a walk-in customer, your ticketing software has the capability to deal with both. Taking down the relevant consumer information has never been so easy.

Moreover, you can also assign the repair jobs to your employees in a seamless way. The software enables you to manage your team unlike before. You can even assess the performance of your employees via this software as well. A basic ticketing software automates your business operations, but a great software also reminds you of the remaining jobs at hand and updates you and your customers with the progress on the ongoing tasks.

Another issue that the ticketing software eradicates is the nitty-gritties of creating invoices. Whenever a customer walks into your or sends an in-mail repair order, logging that information into a system via manual entries becomes a cumbersome task. This is exactly what the repair shop software helps you and your shop with. Readmore: Technology Week Blog .Us

Trigger Notifications & Updates

Be vary of the fact that your repair ticketing software comes with a status change option that enables you to impact the quality of your business. These really great ticketing software’s allow you and your technicians to send out trigger notifications. For instance, if a repair task is complete, the moment your employee marks it as ‘done’, the software sends out an alert message (via SMS or email) to your client, informing them of the progress of their repair order. Some software’s give options of manual notifications, but always opt for the one offering automatic trigger SMS and emails whenever the status of a repair task changes.

Customize your Tickets & Invoices

The best of the best cell phone repair shop ticketing software offers customizable solutions of creating and designing your ticket layouts, even from templates. You can then select the one you like, and can set several designs, based on multiple factors like manufacturing brand and the repair task categorization. For great results, you can also combine a few templates in a multitude of ways, which can also highlight separate repair tasks.

Set & Change Ticketing Queues

With this amazing feature, you can completely manage your employees through the integrated POS software. Apart from the basic trends of ticketing, from locking it in to completing it, you can separately assign each ticket to any employee and set their priority. This helps with managing the daily tasks of your employees. Moreover, you can analyze and evaluate employee performance as the total time they spend on it is recorded in your POS system.

Basically, this management trend is expanding throughout the business community as the feature helps with a myriad of issues faced by anyone running a repair store. With separate repair tickets queued for all, your employees can organize their work by priority, difficulty and delivery date. This helps them achieve greater efficiency and efficacy. Moreover, your employees can also check the queues of other colleagues to see who requires some help.

Inventory Management 

Imagine your employees run out of essential repair parts while going about their daily tasks. The worst form of nightmare, isn’t it? A good repair ticket management software automatically tracks your inventory stock levels and generates an alert upon witnessing low stocks. Some tracking software allows you to place automatic orders, from your favorite vendor, whenever a part falls below the minimum threshold.

You can easily check your software to see which parts are used the most, and how much revenue are you generating from them. The multiple tracking options provided in a good ticketing software enables you to analyze several managerial factors.

Self Check-in Options

Let your customers come in and automatically fill out the necessary information, a prerequisite for the ticketing and invoicing process. This gives more time to your employees to figure out their work, instead of having to ask boring questions while filling a form. The possibilities of errors are drastically reduced when implementing an automated ticketing system.

A good cell phone repair shop ticketing software allows your customers to take full advantage of this feature by online means. You can send the form to your customer, and when they fill it out, all information gets stored in your software. Automatic ticketing and invoicing process becomes very easy with this helpful feature.

Moreover, the ticketing software that allows for customized fields, in their customer-facing POS terminal, is vital for recording the information you need to further enhance your customer experience. This can also reduce the frequency of follow-up questions and accelerate repair job resolution time.

All in all, there are several must-have features to help facilitate your repair business, as these solutions can save a lot of time and money, and enable you to become much better at what you do.

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