Every student has a different method learning and study. Aside from methods, habits play vital roles in helping students achieve their academic goals and keeping their overall performance. Some students have excellent methods of studying, whereas some have balanced. Well, it is totally okay to have some flaws alongside good qualities. It makes us balanced and motivates us to improve. Most people think going with the flow can help them survive in different cases. However, not doing anything about the bad methods or habits is a mistake.

Many students think the internet can save them from every problem, such as hiring Online Exam Help can assist them in dealing with online exams. Well, perhaps you are one of those students who want to know about the bad study methods to avoid. If so, this article will tell you the top ten study methods you must avoid performing excellently in academics. You have to spare some minutes reading this article till the end to help yourself thrive in your education.

The Top Ten Bad Study Methods to Avoid

If you want to become a successful student, you should start noticing your studying habits. Many students put a lot of effort into academics but do not achieve their goals. It happens because of poor planning and bad study methods. However, they can resolve these issues easily with some guidance. Thus, if you cannot find the best ways to study, at least avoid the bad ones. Below are the top ten bad study methods you must avoid to resolve this issue.

Last Moment Cramming

Unfortunately, most students prefer to cram. You may have done this too that before the test day, you spent the whole night revising for it. Remember, getting adequate sleep is vital to perform excellently in the test. Therefore, rather than studying all night before the test, study every day for an hour. You have to avoid this poor studying method to be a successful student.


What do you think about multitasking, maybe an excellent method to deal with more than one task at a time, right? Well, what if I say that multitasking is a productivity killer? Yes, most people think multitasking helps them save time. However, it does the exact opposite of it. When we multitask, we tend to focus on more than one thing at a time, which reduces focus and precision.

Listening To Music

Soothing music is a vital thing to calm your mind. Also, listening to music is undeniably beneficial while performing some tasks. However, when it comes to studying, can be a distraction. Most students think they can study well by listening to music. Yet, what actually happens is that their brain then focuses more on the music than on study.

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Skipping Classes

As most students learn online these days, skipping classes has become a norm habit. Most students use this studying method to skip their classes and tell themselves to take them tomorrow. Although, it is possible skipping your class and cover it later. However, if it becomes a habit, you will be unable to run from procrastination your whole life.

Inactively Studying

Students these days chat with their friends while taking their classes. They think a simple text message cannot ruin their focus, but it actually does. Thus, inactively studying is or will never be a good option for students. So, consider it a bad studying method if you like to chat or call friends during studying.

Not Making a To-Do List

A simple to-do list can help you achieve many things in life. Most students think making a to-do list is just a fairy tale and nothing happens by it as you have everything in your memory. Well, it is scientifically proved a to-do list in front of your eyes can motivate and keep you on track. You can ask successful students about the to-do list, I am pretty sure nine out of ten make it.

Using Social Media While Studying

Social media is fun until it becomes a distraction and ruining your academic performance. Many students have this bad habit of using social media while studying. Well, if you are one of those students who think using social media can make them entertained during studying, you are wrong. It will only devour your precious studying hour. Yet, in return, you will get poor academic performance.

Being Disorganized

What if you have an exam tomorrow morning and do not find something vital for an exam at the last moment? Can be chilling, right? That is what you get being disorganized. If you think you can make all the arrangements at the moment of an event, reconsider your thoughts. Remember, being organized is one of the most vital things students need to be successful.

Avoiding Procrastination

You might call it stupid, but students who do not sleep and wake up daily on time end up getting upsetting grades. Consistency matters a lot in academics. That is why schools ask us to attend classes in the morning every day and leave in the afternoon. Actually, the school is preparing us to be consistent with our studying routine. In the same way, you should study a little every day instead of procrastinating things. You can achieve top-notch grades if you study an hour or two daily for a test.

Studying at Random Areas

Many students do not focus on their studying areas. They tend to study at different places, according to their convenience. Yet, choosing a fixed study area for every day can boost your productivity and help you focus better. Besides, if you set up a small desk, you will find significant academic performance boost.


Hiring Online Course Help Services can indeed help you tackle your online exams. However, it is a temporary help to solve your problems. When it comes to the long run, your studying methods and habits become the savior. Thus, improve your academic performance by avoiding the above stated top ten studying methods.

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