Introduction Of How many letters are in the Alphabet

Introduction Of How many letters are in the Alphabet

Language is usually the element that defines a country and its culture most. If you’re speaking one of the world’s most important languages like Spanish, English, or Mandarin or a lesser or more isolate language such as Basque, Chinook, or Romani This type of communication is crucial to almost all aspects life. In this article, we’ll look at the ones which have the longest and varied languages..

How We Rank 

According to According to, there exist 7117 languages spoken around the globe. The task of measuring a language’s alphabet can be a little more complex than it may appear. The first concern is the method of counting one’s alphabet. Consider spanish as an example. vowels such as ‘A, E, I, O U’ all are present in the alphabet .” However they have accented letters. Are they able to count as extra characters within the alphabet, or are they just variations of letters that exist? In this post, we’re going to ask that. If a particular language has the same alphabet of alphabetic letters and does not count accented characters or combinations of variations, we’ll be able to consider it without accented characters. We will also not include languages like Mandarin or Cantonese that are not considered to be alphabetic, since the term alphabet doesn’t directly apply. These languages are ideographic in their writing systems, often referred to as pictographs, but are not included in the alphabet system that we will be counting. So, let’s begin!

Rank 1: Smaller Alphabets (21 – 26 Letters)

The majority of people reading this will have heard of certain languages included in this list. These languages are included in order to help you understand the amount of languages that will be included in the future rankings. Let’s start with a few famous European languages. English has 26 letters that are based on Latin script which is also the case with German and French also have 26 letters and Spanish which has 27. Italian has an astonishing letter in the alphabet of 21, making it the lowest score in our top ten.

Source : What’s The Difference Between MBC2030 and Traditional Games

Fun Fact

  • Rotokas is an indegeous language spoken in Papua New Guinea is the least well-known language in the world. It has twelve letters!

Rank 2: Larger Alphabets (28 – 46 Letters)

As we get past some of the languages that we’re familiar with, we begin to discover more complicate writing systems. Arabic for instance, contains the alphabet of 28 in their language. While all of which are consider to be consonants, Arabic does of course contain vowels, however they’re display by the ‘diacritical mark’, or glyph added to the letters. There is also the Russian alphabet which comprises 33 letters. Ten of them are vowels, 21 consonants, and two more are “signs” or “modifiers” can also be are use to create words. In the second position we’ve got Japanese. In reality, Japanese can be describe as an Ideographic one and Kanji having the highest well-known of the three writing systems. However, like Chinese, Japanese has two phonetic alphabets: both hiragana as well as Katakana that can be include in our ranking. Both languages comprise an alphabet of 46 alphabets.

Rank 3: The Biggest Alphabets (50 – 75 Letters)

Now , we’re at the top of the range of the length of an alphabet and.  We are beginning at the 50 letter mark. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India has an alphabet made up of 33 vowels, 12 vowels, consonants as well as between 5 and seven compound characters, which gives the total fifty and 52 characters (This number is different across different regions in India). We then have Nepali the one that was develop from a region that has lengthy and complicate written systems. Nepali includes an alphabet that has 64 letters. This is the most extensive we’ve talk about, however, unfortunately, it isn’t able to take the highest spot. The honor goes to Khmer. As per the Guinness Book Of World Records The Khmer Language has the largest alphabet in the world, comprising an alphabet of 74 letters. It is compose from 23 vowels and 33 consonants, and 12 vowels that are independent. The Khmer language is commonly referr to Cambodian, Khmer is actually spoken in several countries of Southeast Asia . Including Thailand, Vietnam, and some portions of Laos. Khmer is spoken by an estimate 16 million native people who speak it.

The English Alphabet contains 26 letters. They can be broken down into consonants and vowels.

These vowels include: a.e.i.o.u

The consonants are: b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z

Every word is compose of at the very least the vowel sounds. If we type them certain words don’t contain any of these vowels mention above for example:

Source :

The total number of alphabet letters


We’ve begun to explore the world of languages, alphabets and the elements they have that make them distinctive. With such a wide range of languages available we suggest you conduct your own research and learn about the rich history and culture that they offer.

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