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The first thing you need to know about Shadowrocket is that it modifies your proxy settings. Before Shadowrocket can change your proxy settings, you need to grant it permission. This may sound like a hassle, but it is not. Read on to learn more. Using Shadowrocket is safe and easy. Read the following steps to find out how it works and how to disable it. And remember to back up your proxy settings after installing the Shadowrocket extension.

Shadowrocket Proxy manager

Shadowrocket is a popular proxy manager that offers users a huge number of proxies. Its pool consists of over 31 million IP addresses, available from every country. Moreover, this software offers a unique pricing model where users can choose between a basic proxy plan and special proxies designed for popular websites. There are several features included in this software that make it one of the best options for webmasters.

The application works on the iPhone and iPad, but there is no version for other platforms. Users can download the application from the official website. Once installed, the application provides an easy way to configure your proxies. Its main features include toggling using proxies, configuring global routing, adding new proxies, and setting advanced options. Users can select from a list of available proxies and select HTTP or SOCKS5 from the list.

This application comes with an ad blocker,

Script filtering support, and URL rewriting. Its price is less than two dollars, which makes it a good choice for anyone looking to protect their privacy online. The application is faster than VPN software and works equally well on mobile data connections. It has a price tag of $2.99, which is a reasonable price for the convenience and features you get. If you need more security, you can also use a VPN or residential proxy.

In contrast to browser proxy managers, Shadowrocket allows users to use proxies with programs on their iPhones and iPads. Moreover, it is compatible with most popular protocols. However, it should be noted that this software is not a proxy server but an iOS app. So, the best choice is to install a proxy manager that supports your operating system. If you are unsure of how to set up a proxy server, you can check out our detailed guide to use Shadowrocket.

Proxy integration with Oxylabs

You may already be aware of the fact that Shadowrocket proxies are compatible with Oxylabs, but have you ever wondered how you can integrate them with third-party tools? Well, it’s surprisingly easy, thanks to the integrated interface and comprehensive documentation provided by the company. After all, the company is a leading proxy provider with more than 100 million IPs in residential networks.

The residential network of Oxylabs spans almost every country on the planet. To access this network, use the country-specific random proxy entry point. It returns a different IP with every request, but does not support city-level results. You can find all your random proxy entry points on the Oxylabs dashboard. Alternatively, you can choose a sticky proxy entry point, which will return the same IP for up to ten minutes.

Using the Lalicat browser is also an option with Oxylabs proxies

This integration makes multiple accounts easier to manage and allows for anonymous browsing. It also supports a variety of social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It’s a great tool for any public data gathering activity, and is compatible with Oxylabs proxies. This allows you to manage multiple accounts on the same device.

To configure Shadowrocket proxy integration with OxyLabs, first open the Shadowrocket application. In the “Add Server” window, click on HTTPS, and then enter your proxy information. To configure your Shadowrocket proxy with Oxylabs, you must specify the proxy IP address and port number. The latter requires a port number of 65432 and 60000. Choosing the right proxy IP address is important as it will affect your internet speed and stability.

Shadowrocket Proxy integration with Smartproxy

One of the benefits of using Smartproxy with Shadowrocket proxy is its geo-targeting feature. With Smartproxy, users can choose a proxy location based on city or country. The pool of proxies is made up of over 31 million IP addresses from around the world. Despite its name, Shadowrocket does not offer unlimited bandwidth, although you can customize your plan to fit your needs.

To configure your Smartproxy-integrated Shadowrocket proxy, open the application and click on the “Add Server” button. Select HTTPS as the protocol and enter your proxy information. For Datacenter Proxies, the proxy IP address is 60000 and the port number is 65432. Once you have entered your details, you can toggle the proxy on or off. Then, you can switch to the HTTP or SOCKS5 mode.

Shadowrocket also offers a host of features,

Such as ads blocking, script filtering support, local DNS mapping, URL rewriting, and more. It is also faster than most VPN software, with only $2.99 for a month of service. The company is also offering proxies made by Oxylabs. The lead product marketing manager at Oxylabs, Gabija Fatenaite, is a tech enthusiast and video game addict.

iOS users can also benefit from Shadowrocket’s proxy integration. This proxy manager is a free alternative to the browser proxy manager Smartproxy, and is intended for iOS devices. Although it does not offer free trials, customers can try the proxies for three days before purchasing the package. Smartproxy also offers a large pool of IP addresses from around the world, which is good for people who like to be protected online.

Shadowrocket iOS Download


Shadowrocket is a popular game available on the App Store and Google Play, for a cost of $2.99. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the money, the latest version is 2.1, and it costs 29MB. This app has unlimited gems and elixirs at the start of the game, and has an unlimited amount of elixirs in the first level. Unlike the regular marketplace, the Shadowrocket app is not available in every country, so some may find it a hassle to download. Fortunately, a VPN service can be a good solution.

The software is fast, and it offers many features. For a mere $2.99, it’s a great choice for those who want to surf the Web privately. Although it has more features than most VPNs, its price is reasonable compared to other apps. Residential proxies are a cheaper alternative and use IP addresses assigned by your ISP. These residential proxies are undetectable and cost a fraction of the price of the premium VPN software.

In addition to blocking websites,

Shadowrocket provides ad blocking, URL rewriting, and local DNS mapping. It’s also faster than VPN software, and costs $2.99. You can set up your own proxies and configure your system settings, and the app works equally well on mobile data connections. For just $2.99, you can access a vast network of proxies from any country. It can cover every app, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Once you’ve installed the Shadowrocket app on your iOS device, you can then import your rule files from the app’s iCloud Drive or URL. Shadowrocket works with all devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. The latest version supports iOS, Android, and Windows and Mac OS X. The app can be downloaded directly from the Apple store or Google Play. Once installed, Shadowrocket will display the QR code.

Shadowrocket Setting up a proxy server

You may be wondering how to set up a proxy server for Shadowrockes. The good news is that this process is easy and quick. You can find a free proxy server by visiting Oxylabs. This company has an impressive list of proxies available for you to use. Gabija Fatenaite is the Lead Product Marketing Manager at Oxylabs. She grew up playing video games and the internet and has since become interested in tech.

In addition to setting up a proxy server, you can also use the ShadowRocket app to temporarily share your connection. This is important since it may cause some stability, connectivity, and latency issues. Make sure you have the Shadowrocket app installed on device A. You can also set the proxy server to work with iCloud if you have an iOS device. Lastly, you should copy and paste the subscription link into the URL field of your device B.

After you have installed the Shadowrocket proxy application,

You can now begin setting up the proxy server. You can configure the default settings. You need to enable tcp_only mode for some networks. Otherwise, you can choose tcp/udp mode to only use your Shadowrocket proxy on that network. However, if you don’t want to use tcp_only, you can use a custom port instead.

Once you’ve enabled your proxy, go to the settings menu. Make sure to enable HTTPS. If not, your browser will try to connect to the network anyway. Once you’ve done this, click on the “Connection” tab. A yellow dot will appear next to the proxy in the settings window. You must toggle it to disconnect the proxy if you want to play Shadowrocket online.

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