Memorize Students

How does it feel when someone calls you with a certain tag because they do not know your name? Does not feel right, right? 

A person’s name gives them recognition; it defines them. Just like you, your students will also like when their teachers address them by their names. It makes them feel that they are being noticed and valued in the class. This motivates them to pay attention in class and participate actively. If you teach online, it becomes even more important because you are physically present at the same place to interact with the students and notice their behaviour. 

However, memorizing the names of so many students may be overwhelming or taxing and seem like it’s just not possible. This is not true. There are ways to make it possible. 

Here are some tips on how to memorize students’ names:

Ask for Their Introduction

Ask your students to introduce themselves, especially during the beginning of a new session if you are new to them. To be able to properly learn their names, you can ask them to introduce themselves at least for a week or a month, whatever works for you. This not only helps you but also helps your students to learn each other’s names if they are joining the class newly.

To help your students be comfortable with it, you can introduce yourself as well.

Use Their Names to Address Them

Call them by their names as you interact with them while teaching. This acts as practice as you keep repeatedly using their names. 

If you do not know how to pronounce their names, ask them to help you out. If you mistakenly pronounce their names incorrectly, apologize for the same. 

This method is necessary to be incorporated into online teaching practice because you need to find out whether your students are paying attention or not, most of the time, their camera might be off. So, keep taking their names to ask questions or anything as such.

Ask Them to Add a Photo of Themselves to Their Assignments

Since you may not be familiar with their faces, reading their names on the assignments submitted by them will not help you figure out who it is. Therefore, to help yourself out, you can ask your students to add a photo of themselves to the front page of the assignments that they submit. 

Assign Group Tasks

Dividing your students into smaller groups makes the work easier for you. Learning their names becomes simpler than trying to memorise their names all at once. 

Ask Them to Introduce Themselves Creatively

You can ask your students to introduce themselves creatively. For example, they can introduce themselves with the help of one of their characteristics, or they can introduce themselves with a song or a movie, etc., using any method that is fun and unique. You will get different answers and hence, it will be easier for you to remember their names.

Final Thoughts

Memorizing the names of the students will help you out as well as the students. It might demand a bit of effort from your end but helps you make the classroom learning experience better for everyone

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