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Have you noticed that after extensive use of your dryer, it started working differently? For example, you take out your clothes, and they are still a little wet. We advise you to pay attention to this. It is one sign that suggests you need to contact a Dryer vent repair emergency service.

It happens for various reasons. The accumulation of dirt inside is one of them. So, you should check it from time to time. The pipes that are for air passes also have an expiration date. Over time, cracks may form on them. It affects the functioning of the entire structure.

So, you need dry vent repairs to solve such cases. Excellent Planning will ensure that there are no unplanned troubles in your home that can waste your time and nerves. Our employees have the skills and the devices that help them cope with this task quickly.

What is Dryer Vent Repair?

So what do dry vent repairs include? We work with different tasks. First of all, we are looking for slight damages, which require little time for fixing. However, they can get worse over time. That is why it is better to eliminate them as fast as possible. We are also looking for the root causes of troubles to find solutions to fix them. So, if you see the first signs of this, search “dryer vent repair services near me”. There are also cases when you need to move appliances to another location or replace components of the structure. It should be done when to prevent the formation of mold and to restore proper functioning.

Signs you may be in need of dryer vent repair:

How to understand that you need the help of a Dryer Vent Experts? Only employees can make a full inspection of the entire structure and find damages. It is because they know how to do it correctly and have the appropriate devices. However, you can also understand when something went wrong. These signs will aid you to know that you need dry vent repairs.

  • Things stay wet.
  • The villi screen is blank.
  • The drying process interrupts for a few minutes.
  • Clothes don’t smell fresh.
  • Things are hot and covered with lint.
  • Increase in electricity bills.

So, such situations bring a lot of inconveniences. They are also expensive. However, these are not the only troubles that await you. The system may overheat and cause a fire, due to insufficient functionality. That is why the dryer vent repair cost can be less than the price for all damages, which occurs because of the untimely elimination of the problem.

Tri-State Area for Dryer Vent Repair

it is able to assist you with all of your repair needs! We can fix damaged ducts that may have come apart in your crawl space, attic or ceiling. We know that the dryer vent heating can become detached over time, causing restricted airflow as well as a faster accumulation of lint.  In many cases, builders who implement subpar practices and work in a hurry may use a wrap of duct tape to seal the joints in between sections of your dryer vent system. This increases the heat and humidity levels around the dryer and will degrade the seal, causing the duct to come apart. During these unfortunate circumstances, we can come to your rescue.

Whether you have outdated vents or broken ducting joints, we are your go-to for professional dryer vent repair. Do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule your dryer vent repairs.

In Addition to Your Own Maintenance

Please remember that you can help prevent dryer fires by cleaning out the lint trap after every clothes drying session. Then check the lint filter before starting the dryer, in case another member of the family forgot to clean it out. Every three months, check the vent outlet and make sure it’s not clogged or blocked and clear of lint. Clean any stray lint off the inside and outside of your dryer. That’s the maintenance you should perform regularly on your dryer vent system.

If your dryer suddenly starts taking longer to dry clothes, it may be that your vent system is blocked, either due to damage to a vent pipe, the outlet or a clog. If you cannot perform the work yourself, call River City Appliance to have a technician check the vent pipe for you.

Other repair tasks we perform include annual cleaning of the dryer vent system, as recommended by the U.S. Fire Administration. Other repairs we can perform include:

  • Replacing coiled-wire foil or plastic pipes with safer rigid metal ductwork;
  • Checking the dryer electronics and/or gas lines if you ever smell smoke or something burning;
  • Clearing out animal nests from your vent outlet or ductwork;
  • Replacing the outdoor vent covering if the flap is stuck or broken.

Avoid a house fire caused by your clothes dryer! Hire River City Appliance to make sure your dryer vent system is safe, clean and secure. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request a visit via our website.

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