What is TIFF ??

TIFF (Tag Image File Format) based via way of means of the Aldus Company now Adobe Corporation with inside the yr 1986.

It is the laptop/ computer report layout used for saving picture pix or photos, picture artist.
Also setting up region and utilized in diverse capabilities like scanning, documenting, word-processing, indexing, computer setting up, graphics, enhancing and web page format etc.

 In 1992, Aldus business enterprise posted the brand new version 6.zero and therefore growing an Adobe machine copyright the latter obtained via way of means of the Adobe Corporation in 1994. 

Various Aldus or Adobe technical slips were mounted with small extensions to the layout, and diverse specs relied on TIFF 6.zero like TIFF/EP (ISO 12234-2), TIFF/IT (ISO 12639), TIFF-F (RFC 2306), and TIFF-FX (RFC 3949).

The record call extension of TIFF is .tiff or .tif and net media kind is photograph/tiff or photograph/tiff-fx.

Steps to transform from PDF documents into TIFF documents:

  • First, Go to FacePdf web site and pick out the device PDF to TIFF converter.
  • Select the record that you need to transform from PDF to TIFF layout.
  • The record that you pick out is changing from PDF to TIFF layout.
  • While the system finished you’ll get hold of the notification as Download your TIFF record.
  • At last, you’ll down load your TIFF record.


This is the system whilst we’re following to transform your PDF record into the specified TIFF record.

This presentations us the proportion crowning glory at the show whilst we’re following this system. This is the 100% proof of your record is completely finished TIFF record.

PDF to TIFF converter is the quality device for the modern technology to rectify many issues to fulfil the wishes of people.

It enables us to transform from PDF to TIFF record without difficulty and we want now no longer to war with different tools.

We can use PDF to TIFF record in Google pressure additionally in order that if it’s far lacking in Google pressure, we are able to get entry to without difficulty from the mail itself and there may be not anything lacking for your folder and constitute in a modern manner.

The PDF record is unchangeable in order that we are able to use PDF to TIFF converter. It enables us to extrade something and anywhere in PC and transportable tool like Tablet, and Mobile smartphone.

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TIFF Converter overcame the issues of scanning pix within side the computer computer systems within side the early Nineteen Eighties within side the world.
It is the overall photograph or photograph layout as opposed to Multiple or  pix or photos layout. 

In the early stages, TIFF turned into the binary photograph or photograph layout due to the fact it’s far dealt with via way of means of the computer or laptop.

The Scanner is extraordinarily effective examine with computer or laptop and TIFF offers greyscale pix or photos, coloration pix. But proper now, TIFF in conjunction with JPEG and PNG is a first rate coloration layout of TIFF.

The first version of TIFF record turned into posted via way of means of the Aldus / Adobe Corporation withinside the early Nineteen Eighties and named it as Revision 3.zero. It turned into mounted a series of conferences with the distinct scanner producers and alertness developers. 

In 1987, the version Revision 4.zero released, and it contained with the small extra features. In 1988, the following new version released Revision 5.zero and it contained the palette coloration pix and LZW compression or LZW lossy operation.


We can convert any sort of report like Excel, Word, Power point, GIF, BMP, Text, JPG, PDF record into TIFF (Tag Image File Format) record with the assist of TIFF converter via way of means of losing or importing our report.

 It will routinely convert into TIFF record. It is a loose provider for report up to twenty pages or 50 MB.
By the usage of our loose provider, you do now no longer want to sign-in, input your electronic mail cope with or any touch telecell smartphone number.
FacePdf does now no longer keep any of your files or TIFF record. You do now no longer want to put in any programs or software program for the usage of FacePdf. 

It is loose, and our provider isn’t simplest accomplished in Google Chrome however additionally it is able to additionally carry out the undertaking in lots of different Browsers such as, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

You can use the loose TIFF record report everywhere or anywhere with the assist of net connection. We are supplying the quality answer of content material with out affecting the pleasant of the report.

Benefits/ Merits of TIFF Converter:

  • Reduce the scale of photograph with none distraction of remarkable pix
  • Easily compression
  • Resolution
  • Lossless operation
  • Clearance of Images or photos.


At the end we suggest to use best pdf tool where you can convert your TIFF file to PDF easily.

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