Avast antivirus is a popular security program. This is the most installed security application on Android devices. Using the Avast program, you can secure your data from all threats. It also has a basic freeware plan. You can use the freeware of Avast on PCs, and phone devices. This plan offers basic malware removal and device optimization tools. For advanced tools, Avast antivirus offers premium plans. These plans offer excellent malware removal and network protection tools. You have to purchase a subscription to these plans. After subscription, you will get an Avast license for a year. After the license expiry, you need to renew the plan. Avast has an auto-renewal plan where the license gets renewed automatically. But when you are not planning to use the Avast license, cancel the auto-renewal function.


How to cancel auto-renewal in a security app?

You should cancel the Avast auto-renewal days before the renewal date. If you don’t, the plan will renew and payment will occur from your bank. To prevent the auto-renewal, go to the Avast antivirus account. You can open the Avast account on any device.

  1. Open the web browser and search for Avast antivirus
  2. Go to the Avast website and click on My Profile
  3. The login page will appear
  4. Enter the login details on your Avast account
  5. Go to your Avast account and tap on Profile
  6. Now select Subscription
  7. You will see your Avast plan
  8. Click on the Cancel button next to the plan
  9. A confirmation window will appear
  10. Select Confirm button
  11. You have to provide a reason for Avast cancellation
  12. Hit to OK button

Now again open the subscription page, and you will see the expiry date of your Avast program. You will also receive a confirmation mail on the registered email address. Now you can use the Avast program till the expiry. After the license expiry, your Avast plan won’t renew automatically. 


Cancel auto-renewal plan on Android device

If you have an Avast premium plan on an Android phone, you can cancel it using the Play Store. Avast has plans for Android devices, but you can only install Avast setup from the Play Store and then activate the subscription. To cancel Avast automatic renewal, go to the Play Store and cancel the subscription. 

  1. Open your phone and go to Play Store
  2. Check the Profile
  3. Tap on Payments and Subscriptions
  4. Hit on Subscriptions
  5. Now you will see your subscribed applications
  6. Select Avast and hit on Cancel button
  7. Provide a reason to cancel the Avast antivirus subscription

Now you will see a subscription expiry date on the subscription window. You can use the tools of Avast antivirus till the expiry.


Will my plan expire after canceling my subscription?

Many people don’t cancel the subscription before the expiry date as they think that the plan will expire immediately. When you cancel the subscription, you can still use the plan till its expiry. So, if your plan is under auto-renewal and you are not planning to renew it. Cancel the subscription and now you can use the Avast tool till the expiry date without any worry. 


Cancel the auto-renewed plan and ask for a refund

When the user forgets to cancel Avast antivirus, the plan will renew automatically. But if you don’t want to use the Avast plan anymore on the device, you should cancel the auto-renewed plan and ask for a refund. But you can only get the refund if you cancel the Avast plan within 30 days of auto-renewal. Whenever your Avast plan gets auto-renewed, you should immediately cancel it and request a refund.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Avast website
  2. Click on the My Profile window
  3. Provide the Avast account credentials
  4. Tap on My Profile
  5. Go to the subscription tab and you will see the auto-renewed plan
  6. Click on the Cancel button
  7. Select a reason to cancel your auto-renewed plan
  8. Tap on Confirm button

After canceling the auto-renewed plan, you can request a refund. When you open the Subscription window, you will see an Expired status next to the plan. Now you can’t use any of the paid tools of the Avast program. But you can still use the basic Avast tools.

Steps to request a refund on Avast 

  1. Open a browser and visit the Avast antivirus website
  2. Go to the Account and enter the Avast credentials
  3. Now tap on the Order History tab 
  4. Select Request a refund option 
  5. Your plan will appear on the screen
  6. Select Request a refund option
  7. Hit on Continue button
  8. Subscription will appear on the screen
  9. Read all the provided details and click on Continue to refund option 
  10. Select a reason for requesting a refund
  11. Tap on Request a refund

Now tap on the Close button. You will get a processing tab on the screen. The Payments screen will show Refund in Progress status. You will receive your refund in a few working days.


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