ij.start.cannon printer not printing reason and fixing.

How to repair ij.start.cannon Printer (Blinking light) – The ij.start.cannon printer is a popular printer. It is also very affordable. This printer has excellent durability and is easy to maintain. This printer is the most popular type of printer. You are likely to be a faithful user of ij.start.canon printers and are well-versed in the issues with this printer as well as how to fix them.

Ij.start.cannon printers can experience common problems like not responding, ink not coming out of the printer, and the indicator lamp that continues to blink. This ij.start.canon printer’s flashing lights can indicate minor to major abnormalities. Here’s how to fix an ij.start.cannon printer whose indicator lights keep flashing.

ij.start.canon printer will flash in different colours depending on the error. If the orange light is flashing on the ij.start.canon printer indicates that there is an issue with the cartridge or with the configuration of the printer from canon.com/ijsetup, or that there is an issue with the toner.

The Meaning Of Canon Inkjet ij.start.cannon Printer Orange Light Flashes.ij.start.cannon printers orange light flashing, how to fix it.

If ij.start.canon Printer Light Flashes 11 times… What does that mean? 

ij.start.canon Canon inkjet printers flash an orange light to indicate that there is a problem with the printer. This may tell you that the printer is not working properly.

First you have to look at the flashes, count those flashes and then cross reference the problem to verify that you will know why your printer is refusing to work.

We’ve put together a list to help you explain what those flashes mean. With which you can easily solve your ij.start.cannon printer. which is like this.


2 flashes

Meaning: Your printer does not have paper

Solution: Reload the paper into the rear tray of your ij.start.canon printer and press the Resume or Cancel button.


3 flashes

Meaning: It means there is some paper stuck in the printer

Solution: First remove the jammed paper from your is.start.canon printer and press the Resume/Cancel button.


4 flashes

Meaning: This means the tank cartridge is not inserted correctly or it has expired.

Solution: First open the front panel of the printer, and then insert the cartridge correctly.

Remove the cartridge, then put it back. Or use another cartridge, if you do not verify it correctly, then the cartridge chip of your printer may be damaged.


5 flashes

Meaning: The print head is not mounted correctly or is defective

Solution: The print head is the block in which you install the reservoir cartridge for your ij.start.cannon printer.

canon printhead, You can first remove your print head by lifting the printer’s lever to the left.Then with a soft cloth or a little alcohol, it is necessary to clean part N° 2 to remove any dust on the electrical contacts

Canon ink cartridge: If the fault persists even after you have reinstalled the printhead and cartridge, the only solution left is to replace the printhead or replace the printer.


6 flashes

Meaning: It means the lid is open.

Solution: You need to check that the hood is closed properly, there is no gap, not even the slightest.


7 flashes

Meaning: This means the tank cartridge has not been installed correctly.

Solution: First you remove the cartridge then put it back again. If the cartridge chip is damaged. So install the new cartridge if it is recognized.


8 flashes

Meaning: This means that the waste ink tank is almost full.

If this message appears, “End of life items or components, contact Canon support” or “Waste ink tank is almost full”.

Solution: The solution is different according to the model of different printers, so you should check by visiting the official website of ij.start.canon.


9 flashes

Meaning: Means ij.start.canon printer is not receiving any response from digital camera.

Solution: If the problem is not cartridge related, check your printer manual.


10 flashes

Meaning: This means you cannot print on either side with your ij.start.cannon printer

Solution: If the problem is not cartridge related, check your printer manual.


11 flashes

Meaning: This means that the automatic alignment of the print head has failed.

Solution: Press the “Resume/Cancel” button to restart the ij.start.cannon printer.


Let’s now look at how we can resolve this issue. ij.start.cannon printer.

Perform power-off:

  • Take out the cartridges.
  • Turn on the ij.start.cannon printer and then disconnect the power cord.
  • Download the driver from canon.com/ijsetup
  • Now, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Take out any USB cable connected to the ij.start.canon printer from any other device, including a computer.
  • For a few moments, leave the printer turned off.
  • To reset the settings, press and hold the power button down for 30 seconds.
  • Plug the power cable back into the wall outlet. You should connect directly to the wall outlet, without any surge protector.
  • Connect the other end of the printer to it.
  • If the ij.start.cannon printer doesn’t turn off automatically from canon.com/ijsetup, you need to turn it on.
  • Wait for the ij.start.canon printers to turn off and then warm-up. Check if the orange light is still on.

Inspect your ink cartridge:

  • You might notice that ij.start.canon the ink cartridge has not been checked in a while. If this is the case, it may be time to take a look at the cartridge and check for quality issues. It is possible that the ink cartridge may have become contaminated or has reached the end of its life. This could cause problems with your ij.start.canon printer.
  • You can check to see if your Ink cartridges are leaking. If the cartridge is still under warranty, you should contact ij.start.cannon experts.
  • You should check to see if the cartridges can be replaced with new ones.

Reinstall the Drivers:

  • First, press the Windows key+R key. This will open a running window. Next, type the control option. Then click OK.
  • Next, right-click on the printer entries that are not working and choose the Remove device option. To open the run option, press the Windows + R key.
  • Enter the printui. exe/s, then click OK. Next, open the canon.com/ijsetup driver tab in the ij.start.canon printer server property window. Next, select the entries that you wish to remove from the printer.
  • You will need to delete any ij.start.cannon printer-related folders and files. You will need to restart your computer and then reinstall the drivers.
  • This is the way to fix the problem. Despite these steps being tried, sometimes the problem may still persist.

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