It’s certainly one of the most exciting, wonderful, and mesmerizing places and experiences in the Caribbean. At times disregarded and at other times burgeoning, Havana’s allure and reputation as the island’s tranquil center endure more than any other part of the country. 

Havana is a city steeped in history, but it’s also home to a vibrant arts scene and a thriving cultural community. As a tourist, travelers can visit here in any season of the year. Do you need more reasons to pack your bags? Get packed, book southwest airlines reservations in any class, and save up to 50% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. You’re in Havana, so where should you go? Here is a list of some popular things to do in Havana, Cuba as a tourist.

Does anybody know of a place we may still visit that hasn’t been found by the hordes of tourists yet?

Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Havana, Cuba:

Christopher Columbus’s Sacred Grounds.

For its size and aesthetic attractiveness, it is Latin America’s most famous and acclaimed cemetery, with about one million graves. Artisans and artists from Cuba embellished the vast majority of the tombs. This national monument in Cuba is named for Christopher Columbus, however, he is not buried there, as one would expect from the name. It may be viewed at the Seville Cathedral.

A statue of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

As a matter of fact, this monument resembles the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro quite a little, except that it does not have its arms outstretched. A panoramic view of the whole city of Havana may be seen from this spot. It seems that Jesus Christ himself will be making his way to this city to bless it.

The El Morro Fortress (Fort El Morro).

The building of this fortification started in the middle of the 17th century. It is now possible to tour the open halls that were formerly used to confine African slaves today. To gain a full picture of Cuba and its capital city, one must visit this appalling sight. The chapel is open 24/7 for your convenience.

Temple of El.

The Place des Armes is home to this historic edifice ( Plaza Des Armas ). Designed to seem like an ancient Greek temple, it is an example of Neoclassical architecture. Having been built on the site where Havana was first formed is one of its unique traits. In addition to the museum on-site, the charming park outside has busts of Christopher Columbus and the city’s first governor, Don Hernando de Soto, making for a memorable visit.

Street of Mart

Visitors, onlookers, and locals alike flock to this one-mile-long path that stretches from the Parque de la Fraternidad to the Malecón (the pier). As another name for it suggests, the “Paseo del Prado” Havana’s most famous street is unquestionably this one. They comprise the three main sections: the Promenade, the Capitole Esplanade, and Central Park. Take a break on the stone benches, see the bronze statues, and peruse the flea market, where street vendors will be happy to offer you their wares.

The nightlife is following in Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps.

Where Ernest Hemingway spent his days drinking daiquiris will be our meeting place. An excellent legacy was left in Havana by the American novelist who lived there for a while, wrote a few novels, and worked there. The museum that bears its name deserves particular attention. Everything you need to know about Havana’s nightlife may be found online.

H. Upmann Cigar Manufacturing Facility

There are few things more iconic about Havana and Cuba than its world-renowned cigars. Go to the Upmann cigar factory and look around the shop. You’ll see people jostling and pushing each other to get their hands on the cigars and rum they want. Irresistible.

How can you make the most of your time in Havana, Cuba’s capital..!

To begin, here are a few of Havana’s most popular sights to see: As soon as you arrive in Washington, D.C., you’ll be awestruck by the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the region. The unique architecture and decoration present in downtown Havana’s alleys fascinate visitors, making them a draw for tourists. The balconies and ancient buildings grab attention. Such a remnant from another period makes it difficult to remain calm. 


Considered as a part of Latin America. In this area, you’ll discover buildings with Andalusian influences, as well as nice walkways and the Church Plaza. Where you can see the famed cathedral. A UNESCO World Heritage Site was established in Havana’s historic center. It is worth every second of your time! Book a trip with AirlinesMap and have a great time heading to all these places to visit in Cuba. Happy Vacations..! For you and .. . .. . 

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