FREE SEO SBXHRL TOOLS To Help Your Online Marketing

This article is all about free tools that can help with your SEO. Below you will find a list of 25 tools. Be sure to check them out and let me know if you think I missed anything!

-SEO Moz

-Google Insights for Search

-How Many Visitors per Month from Google Analytics? 

-Twitter Management Tool

-Moz Local Pack Tool

-Disqus Sign Up

-Google Analytics for Firefox

-Google Analytics for WordPress

-Google Analytics for Blogger

-How to Convert a Website into a Blog in 3 Steps Or Less! 

-1. Convert Your Website to a Blog in 3 Steps Or Less! (Moz Local Pack)

-2. Check for META Tags on a Blog Post (Moz Local Pack)

-3. How to Create a WordPress RSS Feed?

-Tom’s Guide Tool

-PostRank: An Alternative to AltaVista and Google Spam Rank. 

-Moz Local: Best Tool for Local SEO (Social Media and Twitter Tools)

-How Many Links Do You Have? (Google Analytics) 

-What Are Your Most Popular Posts? (Google Analytics) 

-How Many Visitors Per Month Are You Getting From Google Adsense? (Google Analytics) 

-Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Check with Google. 

-WordPress Tool-WordPress Search Regex Editor Tool 

-What is Your Domain Authority? (Moz) 

-Is My Twitter Account Influential? Use Followerwonk to Check.


SBXHRL TOOLS are designed to help with your online marketing strategies. 

  1. Conversion Rate Optimizer Tool
  2. Negative Keyword Finder Tool 
  3. SEO Tools – SEO Moz by Moz and SEO PowerSuite by Search Engine Journal
  4. Moz Local Pack: Best tool for local SEO 
  5. SEMRush ® – The best paid keyword research tool on the market, ever since its release in 2006. SEMrush has been helping people research keywords via its vast database of search data and ranking data from the world’s top search engines like Google and Yahoo!. 
  6. SEMRush SMC (Search Marketing Channels) for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Bing and Yahoo! (SEMRush) 
  7. Domain Authority Checker Tool by Moz – Domain Authority is Moz’s industry-standard metric for website authority. It uses an algorithm based on over 12 million sites to give more accurate results than many other domain authority tools. 
  8. Local SEO Tool by Moz – Local SEO Tool by Moz – Local SEO is the best tool to measure search rankings and to indicate which results are more likely to get you traffic. 
  9. Tutorials for Converting a Website into a Blog in 3 Steps Or Less! (Moz Local Pack)
  10. How many Links do you have? (Google Analytics) 

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