Birthday Gift for Vaper Boyfriend

If you are in a relationship with a person who is a vaper, you can give him a vape as a gift. For any vaper, nothing is essential but vape. So, if you want to give him a pleasant surprise, you should give him a vape as a gift.

There are different types of vapes available. Of those vapes, some are reusable, and some are disposable vapes like lost mary bm3500. You must be aware of your partner’s choice to give him a vape as a gift. If you want to keep him happy, you need to know about his choice in vaping.

According to the research, Vapin is 95% safer than smoking. Vaping has been internationally declared the best alternative to smoking. It’s a suggestion for smokers that they need to start vaping if they really want to quit smoking. Vaping is very helpful in quitting smoking.

Disposable Vape As a gift:

If vaping is new to your boyfriend, you should give him a disposable vape like elfbar 1500 as a gift. These vapes are good for beginners. There is no maintenance required in these vapes. You don’t need to charge them because the batteries in these vapes are non-rechargeable.

Disposable vapes are very easy to use and have no complexities. If we talk about e-liquid, we can see that these vaping devices are prefilled. These vapes are not highly costly, and you can afford to buy them.

Nic Salt Juice Packs:

There is another great gift idea. If you have someone special in your life who likes vaping, you can give him a Nic Salt Juice as a gift. But you need to know the favourite flavour of that person. Flavour in the vapes is the main thing. You can find hundreds of flavours but you just need to be aware of your partner’s favourite flavour.

Extra Batteries and Chargers:

If your partner uses rechargeable devices, you can gift him a charger and extra batteries. Many devices are rechargeable, and you can charge their batteries. Extra batteries and chargers would be an excellent gift for any vaper.

If someone uses a rechargeable device, the extra battery and charger could be a massive demand for that person. If someone travels and the device’s battery is ended, he or she can replace that battery with the new one, but it could be possible in the replaceable devices. The other important thing is the charger. If your device’s battery is not charged, you can’t vape. So, the charger is the need for any vaper. So, the extra batteries and chargers could be the best gifts for your partner.

Starter Kit or Bundle:

The term “Starter Kit or Bundle” is kind of confusing, but it’s very simple to understand. Kit or bundle is basically a whole vape basket. You can give this basket as a gift to someone special. A functioning vape and some accessories could be present in this basket. In those accessories, a spare coil is included. So, you can give this kit or bundle as a gift to your partner or friend.


If your partner is a vaper, you can give him a vape as a gift. According to research, Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. By giving a vape as a gift to him, you can help him quit smoking. If vaping is new to your partner, you can give him a disposable vape. The other best thing could be the extra battery. Because for any vaper, the device’s battery has so much importance.

You can give him a starter kit, bundle, or the whole basket with the functioning vape device and different vaping accessories.

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