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In London, starting a business is challenging. That’s how it’s always been. Yet, we live in a time where basic digital marketing principles are not just a word; it’s a need. Gaining traction for your internet business in London may be impossible without it.

As a result, three basic digital marketing principles must follow to get long-term outcomes on the Internet. Also, these principles serve as the foundation for success in areas such as social media, sales, and email marketing. If you ignore them, they could spell the end of your company in London. Also, you can hire digital marketing agency in London for your ultimate help.


Basic Digital Marketing Principle #1 — Value fosters authority. Always deliver value

The basis of Google listings is value. Google considers 200 different elements to evaluate significance. The value you provide to a user calculates using a dizzying array of technical and non-technical data.

Google’s algorithms can use a few significant factors to determine value. You will succeed if you can stick to these parameters, regardless of the type of material you put out there. Content, in whatever shape it takes, but in written form, will help to develop authority over time if it is of good quality and contributes a lot of value to people’s lives.

How does Google decide whether something is valuable or not? While other aspects influence SEO in general, both site-wide and page-wide. The following are some of the most essential when it comes to establishing content value:

• Length

Short content cannot bring value. So, ensure that the content is at least 1000 words long. But 2000+ words are preferable as long as it does not ramble. Yet, stays focused on the subject and has error-free spelling and punctuation. For instant help, you can also get your business’s Digital Marketing Services in London.

• Reading level

It is essential. Google is aware of your content’s reading level. It’s not about verbose or using vocabulary that only a few people will understand. It’s about writing at the College or University.

• Keyword-focused

Your material must focus on the topic. Try to focus on a single term (whether it’s a long- or short-tail term). Google wants to know that a piece of material is on a given topic. So, ensure this keyword appears in the title tag, URL, and all over the text. Yet, be mindful of over-optimization for that keyword. Keep it natural & organic while also integrating the keyword’s LSI variations.

• Use of media

Written material is fantastic, but incorporating media increases the likelihood of that content ranking better. Relevant videos, images, or even audio can help. Also, you can get help from a digital marketing agency in London.

• Unique and insightful

Reusing or twisting content from other sources will not benefit you. The content must be the best and most insightful. Make connections that others haven’t, or convey facts. Remember to mention your sources if you’re stating facts and numbers.

• Engaging & Relevant

Content that is engaging & relevant to your audience is more likely to be shared. Google is aware of it. You should, too. Consider any content you’ve enjoyed and had to share because you were so intrigued by it, and try to recreate that feeling. If you don’t know how to do it, you can also hire an online marketing agency in London for your help.

• External and internal links

Make at least a few links to relevant external content for every thousand words of written content. Internally, ensure you’re linking to other content on your site that can aid in focusing keywords.

Value, over time, breeds authority. We may gain visibility on search engines such as Google by establishing authority. If you want to thrive in internet marketing, ensure that you adhere to this rule to the letter. It will not occur overnight. It will take some time.

No matter where you share your information or what media you use to share it, make sure the primary goal is to add value.

People will switch to another site if you try to sell them at every turn and corner. Instead, you must establish yourself as an authority in your niche by providing value over time with the basic digital marketing principles. 

Basic Digital Marketing Principle #2 — Stay consistent. Timing is everything. 

When it involves online marketing, timing is crucial. Don’t disappear for a long time. Stay consistent and stick to it if you’re writing, posting on a social media page, or creating informative videos.

If you don’t post material, your organic traffic may suffer. Create an effective time management system if you have problems finding the time. When you publish content, you create more new content for your website.

Basic Digital Marketing Principle #3 — Share and be social

Any Website’s link profile has a significant impact on reach and exposure. Google understands that a website with an organic link profile is more trustworthy. If your work provides value, it will share by a diverse group of people across the Internet.

When discussing diversified links, Google looks for variety in the IP addresses that distribute the content. So, for example, having all the links originate from Facebook will not be very beneficial. Yet, the benefits will become more significant if the links come from blogs, news sites, and other critical online destinations from relevant information across the Web.

You don’t want to try to spam your links here. You must participate in conversations. Be social and share, but don’t go overboard. Consider how you may bring value to existing interactions. Find popular social media pages or blog forums where you may help others in your specific area or field of expertise.

If you try to link entertainment & play the cheerleader role, people will not consider you, and you may get blocked from some communities. So, approach whatever basic digital marketing principles you want and view the big picture rather than aiming for instant success. You will gain traction over time if you play your cards, but you must do it rather than take the easy path.


Yet, there are many Top Digital Marketing Agencies in London, such as Navicosoft, to hire per your needs. While you may follow other basic digital marketing principles in various ways, these three are the most significant.


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