Weddings are expensive enough on their own, then you throw in the cost of food, drinks, band or DJ , venue decoration, flowers, and all the other little things that go into making your wedding day perfect.

When you’re stuck in this situation, you should stay thankful to the premium services of an experienced Indian wedding Djs services who organizes the event and inlines with the expectations of a newly-wed couple.

However, in the world of modern entertainment, a wedding DJ plays an integral part in any successful event. But without proper training and guidance, anyone can make costly mistakes when hiring a DJ for their upcoming special day.

Inexperienced DJs

A lot of people have preconceived notions about what an Indian wedding DJs should be. They want someone who can participate fully in the party, rather than just play music.

They imagine someone who is able to become part of the entertainment by singing or playing an instrument with enthusiasm and verve.

This myth that DJs are there mainly for their musical talent often leads them to hire disc jockeys on the basis of how well they think they might work as wedding singers.

Wedding singers usually earn more money than your average DJ, so understandably, some people may wish to make this mistake when hiring a wedding DJ. However, having more experience doesn’t necessarily translate into better results; many of us have seen bad karaoke singers at weddings! It would be like booking Paris Hilton because you wanted someone ‘famous’ (and probably better known for being ‘famous’ than anything else).

A wedding DJ should be there to provide music that fits your theme, not their own agenda — no matter how good it may be.

Hiring a Cheap Indian Wedding DJs Services

People often think about the cost of hiring a punjabi DJ, and their mind goes straight to the price tag.

However, just because someone charges less than everyone else doesn’t mean they are automatically inexperienced or incompetent. Don’t underestimate how much musical knowledge and expertise there is in the market today — it’s everywhere!

People often say that you get what you pay for, but this simply isn’t true when it comes to wedding DJs, especially considering that you are booking them for an entire evening.

You want someone who is fun and who knows what they are doing — it will be much more expensive in the long run if you hire a DJ whose inexperience leads to problems throughout the night.

Not Getting Referrals or Recommendations When Hiring a Wedding DJ

People often get married far away from home, making it difficult to find people they know to recommend a DJ.

However, if you have family or friends who have recently gotten married the chances of them being able to recommend an excellent wedding DJ are high.

If you can’t ask for recommendations, then try using Google search – there are so many wedding DJ companies out there that you are sure to find someone in your area.

Even if it means paying a bit more money, remember that at the end of the day you want to hire a DJ who is experienced and has proven themselves with past clients.

Not having an idea of what music they want when hiring a wedding DJ

Indian wedding DJs play a vital role in the success of a party. When you hire one without an idea of what kind of music you want them to play, their job becomes much harder.

This is true even if the wedding DJ has more experience than anyone else on earth. This can also become a problem when hiring a wedding DJ in another country; it is important to realize that there are different music genres, cultures, and languages across the world.

For example, if you live in Afghanistan (which has a rather conservative culture) don’t expect your DJ there to play all of the latest pop music since it may not be accepted according to local customs. It would be better to hire a DJ who is experienced with weddings but knows more about your own culture and can accommodate it accordingly.

Not listening to the wedding DJ when they offer advice

Wedding DJs are professionals, which means that you should be willing to take their advice as well as give them yours. They know what works and what doesn’t, and maybe more importantly what doesn’t work.

For example; if they tell you not to play certain songs at your wedding because of the type of crowd they may attract, their advice should be respected. If the DJ is experienced enough they will know what works for most weddings – just listen to them!

Remember that it can actually cost you money if you don’t, since they may have to stop playing a song early because it is not working well with the crowd. If this happens regularly, your DJ will adjust the program accordingly, which means less time for them to play music (which equals less money).

Not having specific songs ready for certain moments at your wedding

Music is important at any special event, but it takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to weddings. In particular, the father-daughter dance and the first dance are moments that people will probably remember for years to come.

These songs should be chosen carefully and they need to be prepared in advance so your DJ knows what to do.

Remember that many people attending your wedding will be there to see and hear you, and not the DJ; it is important that these songs are prepared in advance.


When people are considering hiring a wedding DJ, it is common for them to think that this is just another vendor they need to hire. However, when hiring a wedding DJ you should remember that these professionals play an important role in the success of your wedding day.

Of course, weddings are all about the bride and groom, but your DJ can help set the mood and can make or break a party.

While there are a lot of things to consider when hiring an Indian wedding DJs, the above tips can help you get started. If you’re not sure what songs you want to be played at your wedding, remember that sometimes it may be better to choose ones that have been tried and tested in the past rather than experimenting with new songs that may be hit or miss.

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