This post is different than normal. Today’s post is about movies. We are specifically looking at inspirational movies that have life-changing lessons. Grab some popcorn before you start reading!

I’m not a huge movie watcher. I love superhero movies (X-Men, Marvel movies, etc.) and romantic comedies like Enchanted, Ever After, and Anastasia. The former is for its epic messages about humanity triumphing over evil, while the latter is for light-heartedness and humor. They are not necessarily in the “inspirational” genre but they inspire me in their own ways.

My Top Picks

Here are the movies that give important life lessons:

1. Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty is a fun, inspiring movie with a powerful message. The story is about Jim Carrey, a TV reporter who experiences bad luck every day. He complains about God’s poor job. God then appears and offers all of his power to help him do better. He learns valuable lessons along the way that will change his life.

Overall, I feel the film could have placed more emphasis on life lessons. Sometimes, humor can take over the film to appeal to the mainstream audience. A great weekend movie to watch with your friends.

2. The Peaceful Warrior

My blog was started in 2008 by a friend. He told me to go see Peaceful Warrior. He pointed out that many of my PE topics are very similar to the movie’s message. Then he gave me his copy of the film and we watched it together.

The film is based on Way of The Peaceful Warrior (book) and features Dan, a U.C. student. Berkeley is a successful college student with all the things he could want: fame, great friends, and attention from every girl. He also excels in gymnastics, which is his passion. This guy is unhappy and deeply troubled. He has trouble sleeping at night. He meets a guide one night and begins his journey to self-discovery. This movie is available to watch on Cinema APK for free. Watch it now!

The Peaceful Warrior is a favorite of mine and the show has many important messages. In fact, I have included many dialogues from the movie in my inspirational quotes series. These are some of my favorite scenes:

  • “There is always something going on.” There are no “ordinary moments.”
  • “The hardest to love is often the one who needs it most.”
  • “Death isn’t sad. “The saddest thing about death is that most people don’t live at all.”
  • “A warrior isn’t about victory, perfection, or invulnerability. He is about absolute vulnerability. This is true courage.

Although I liked the movie’s overall message and found some wonderful scenes (like the rooftop scene), the movie was slow and predictable. There were many instances when “Socrates”, the guide, said or revealed something I knew already and I guess he meant it. These are the things I have already come to, so I am not the right audience for the movie.

Despite that, the movie is a great film. This movie is a good starting point if you feel jaded, lost your passion, or are looking for deeper meaning in your life.

3. The Family Man

The Family Man is a comedy-drama that follows a single, highly successful investment banker (Nicholas Cage). He experiences what his life would look like if he had made a different decision thirteen years ago. This was staying with his girlfriend and not choosing a high-flying job. The movie presents a “What if I had done that instead?” scenario. It contrasts a life of great wealth and success with a quiet, family-oriented life.

Although it’s a wonderful movie, it forces you to think about your life. However, I don’t agree with the implied message that life must be either/or. In this instance, wealth or family. People are encouraged to not pursue career/wealth goals if they have a child, or that they should not pursue love/have a family because they work too hard. Both can be achieved. It’s all about expanding our capacities, prioritizing, and planning.

The film makes you think about your life and what you are doing. What is the future of what you are doing now? What if you had a life full of accomplishments and wealth but no friends or family? Living for others, but not for yourself. Are you a bitter person who is unhappy with life?

Would this be the life you desire? What are you going to do to make this a better life?

You might also enjoy similar movies: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946 movie) and A Christmas Carol (Christmas Carol). These movies have similar “what if”/alternative reality scenarios that will get you thinking.

4. Click

Click tells the story of Adam Sandler, a man who is gifted a remote control that can rewind, stop and fast forward time. It allows him to skip over mundane or boring moments like family dinners, showers, and sickness. This may seem like a fun thing at first, but it soon becomes apparent that there are unexpected consequences. You have to be patient to see them.

The trailer/marketing is a typical Hollywood slapstick comedy. It really isn’t. It may appear like this at first. But halfway through, you realize there is more to the film. It encourages you to think about the importance of each moment in your life. It is IMO a powerful reminder that every moment is a moment to live. Watch this fabulous movie free on the BeeTV app now.

This film is a great movie and I highly recommend it to everyone. It has a very moving scene at the end that makes me cry every time I see it. The film has a great plot and a thought-provoking message. It also features humor that is kept light-hearted. It is a must-see film that I recommend. Adam Sandler deserves kudos for his acting.

5. Forrest Gump

Although I haven’t seen Forrest Gump, I’ve heard so many wonderful reviews that I decided to include it on this list. Here’s Wikipedia’s summary:

Forrest Gump, a comedy-drama American film from 1994, is based on Winston Groom’s 1986 novel. Forrest Gump is a simple man from Alabama who travels through his life to meet historical figures and influence popular culture. He also experiences firsthand the historic events of late 20th-century America.

These movies have really something special in them. Make sure to watch them with your friends and family.

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